First Comes Love, Then Comes Money by Kara P

First Comes Love, Then Comes Money

You're in love! You found your person! You're ready for so many adventures with this person...including financial adventures. Or are you?

Our workbook gives you the tools you need to have the money conversation with your boo. We'll walk you through exercises you can do alone, do together, and how you can come up with a money management style that is just as cute as your love.

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Money and Your Boo

Money is the second most common reason for divorce in the US. Hard yikes! If you're in love, money should be something that you can discuss freely and healthily with your partner. We want it to bring y'all closer together, not push you apart.

Our workbook walks you through:
*how to START the conversation about money  in a non judgemental way 
*Exercises to do alone to get clear on your money goals and values
*Exercises to do TOGETHER to communicate clearly about joint financial goals
*The pros and cons of having joint bank accounts and IF that's right for you
*If separate accounts work better, how to manage money that way
*How to have a money date with your boo that you both enjoy!

What's included?

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