How to Not Die Broke: Investing 101 Workshop by Kara P

How to Not Die Broke: Investing 101 Workshop

An Investing 101 webinar and FAQ sheet for all my newbie investors.

Where Do I Even START With Investing?

At the beginning, of course! As of 2019, only 55% of Americans invest in the stock market.
That's WiLd. Because stock market investing is how a lot of the folks with money in this country Got and KEEP their money.

But many of us feel afraid to start investing because the investment world is intimidating. It uses a language most of us don't speak or understand. Plus when a lot of us who aren't white or male look at the world of investing, we don't see anyone who looks like US.

In this webinar, you'll learn 
*what the stock market is
*how it works
*three most common retirement investing accounts
*common investing terms

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What's included?

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36 mins