Talk Money to Me: Investing by Kara P

Talk Money to Me: Investing

Time to Become an Investor

Investing: you hear people talk about it. You understand that you need to do it because it has something to do with retirement. do you actually DO IT? And what's the right investing plan FOR YOU?

We got you, boo.
I believe that investing, especially for women and people of color, is the long term path to financial stability and wealth.

Coming from a low income background, and being bi-racial, I firmly believe that investing is crucial to my financial health and future.

I’ve been plowing money into my investments since I paid off my student loans, which has skyrocketed my net worth and helped build financial stability in my current life.


Let me quote billionaire Jay Z for a hot second: "Financial freedom my only hope- fuck living rich and dying broke."

Investing means that your money is out there, making more money. Investing means you're not losing value each year because of inflation. Investing opens the door to generational wealth.

And for women or people of color, investing has long been blocked off for us. Lack of access to capital and investments is a large part of the reason why the richest people in the US tend to be white dudes.

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Who is This Course For?

People just beginning to invest

People who are INTIMIDATED by investing

People who want to create a plan for their investments that makes them feel CONFIDENT

People ready to close the wealth gap

People confused by investing terminology and account types

Who is This Course NOT For?

People looking to diversify existing investments with real estate, gold or cryptocurrency

People trying to find a financial advisor

People needing help with how their investments impact their taxes

People comfortably maxing out their retirement accounts- this is a BEGINNER investment course, not an advanced investor course.

What's included?

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Welcome boo boo! Let's go over what this is about
How to Use This Course + Why I Believe in Investing
5 mins
486 KB
What Even IS Investing and How Does The Stock Market Work?
Chapter 1
13 mins
Breaking Down Investing Terms
Chapter 2
4 mins
Goals Based Investing: Funding Your Future Awesomeness
Chapter 3
4 mins
Are You a Lifetime Baller or Nah? (Or, What Life Without Investing Looks Like.)
Chapter 4
7 mins
Saving, Debt Payoff and Investing: A Sexy Money Tango
Chapter 5
11 mins
Funds: Mutual, Index, and Exchange Traded
Chapter 6
7 mins
Fees, Hidden Costs, and Knowing Where All Your Money Goes
Chapter 7
4 mins
Retirement Account Options
Chapter 8
18 mins
How to Actually BUY Investments
Chapter 9
7 mins
Building YOUR Personal Portfolio
Chapter 10
18 mins
How to Not PANIC About Market Ups and Downs
Chapter 11
9 mins
Rebalancing: AKA You're Aging Like a Fine Wine
Chapter 12
9 mins
Robo Advisors: Are They Cool or What?
Chapter 13
6 mins
Socially Responsible Investing: Can You Be a Good Person and Make Money?
Chapter 14
6 mins
Expanding on Your Existing Plan
Chapter 15
4 mins
Investment Strategies.mp4
12 mins