Talk Money to Me: Negotiation by Kara P

Talk Money to Me: Negotiation

Negotiation is An Act of Self Care

If you're not a straight white man,  you're most likely being underpaid at work.
The wage gap is real, and it is everywhere. You can be underpaid on your gender, race, size, age, sexuality...the list goes on. Which makes negotiation an act of radical self care and politics: when marginalized people earn more, more money flows in more directions.

Yet a lot of us are still hesitant to negotiate for more money at work.
We're afraid that bringing it up will get us in trouble.
The thought of negotiating makes our tummy hurt.
We don't know how or where to even start.

Talk Money to Me: Negotiation is the tool kit you need to tackle both the mental and the practical side of negotiation. 

We walk you through how to reframe your emotional relationship to negotiation as well as practical skills like WHEN to bring the conversation up, WHAT to negotiate for, HOW to answer specific questions, and REPOSITIONING yourself if you don't get the answer you want. 

With a workbook full of exercises, questions, and templates, this course is FILLED with ACTIONABLE negotiation knowledge. 

What's included?

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Inside Talk Money to Me

Artist Resume.pdf
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Talk Money to Me: Negotiation
Intro Negotiation.mp4
2 mins
How to Stop Being Afraid or Stressed About Negotiation.mp4
6 mins
How to Start The Negotiation Conversation.mp4
7 mins
Prep: Building Your Resume, Media Kit, Portfolio and LinkedIn.mp4
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Market Value.mp4
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Determine Your Own Numbers .mp4
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Be a Bad Bitch.mp4
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Negotiation Tactics for Freelancers.mp4
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Nonprofit Negotiation.mp4
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W2 Negotiation.mp4
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Exactly What to Say to Certain Negotiation Questions.mp4
6 mins
Negotiation Beyond Numbers.mp4
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Reposition After a No.mp4
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How to Walk Away From a Job That Can't Pay You.mp4
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Covid 19: Negotiation in Our New Normal.mp4
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Who is This For?

Put simply: anyone who wants more money.

Talk Money to Me: Negotiation  covers W2 workers, nonprofit workers, and freelancers. 

You'll find guidance whether you are trying to move up at your current company OR going in for an interview at a new company. 


How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! This is yours until the internet dies baby. 

Is this a live course?

This is a pre recorded video course with a workbook. It's self paced so you can complete it when it makes sense for you. 

How long does this course take?

For most people, about 3.5 hours. But the great thing is you can rewind, rewatch and replay as many times as you want! 

Is this really worth it?

Hell yeah! You're making a $200 investment that will easily reap you WAY MORE than that in the form of a raise. If you invest $200 now and get a $4,000 annual raise, you just had a 2000% return. That's fucking fantastic boo!